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Pistachio plants

Here you can find pistachio trees. This category is for people, for business or passion, who want to cultivate Bronte Pistachio nuts. Pruning is done twice a year:

  • The first pruning is executed in cold months, when the plant is dormant ans has no leaves. It consists in removing small branches, in order to maintain only the main and more robusts branches on which the fruit production will be concetrated.
  • The second pruning is executed during the spring (in April or May) and it consists in the elimination of soft twigs that grow randomly along the main branches. This easy operation allows to prevent the formation of twigs which will have to be removed in winter time.

Female Pistachio tree

The pistachio tree (Pistacia vera) is a tree of the Anacardiaceae family. It can reach a height of approx. 12 meters and an age of 300 years. This plant is two years old and ready to grow on your garden!

27,00 €
Male pistachio tree

The male plant is necessary in order to allow female plants to make pistachio nuts. A male is needed each 3/4 females.

27,00 €